About us

About us

COMPEX Ltd. Banja Luka is a family tradition company, registered in Banja Luka, and has been present in Banja Luka since 1990. As of the year 2006, we possess our own production – warehouse facility of 3000 m2, highly developed printing room, distribution system, and provide work to 60 permanent employees. Therefore, we are classified as a medium-sized enterprise in B&H.

More than 25 years, we help you to complete your business effectively and efficiently.

Where do we go?

By our long-term development, employees training programs, and investing in the latest technology, we acquired a great number of permanent clients and set firm foundations to our company’s further progress and prosperity.

We try to follow world’s trends in order to maintain and raise the level of our professionalism, for keeping high-goals previously set and business partners satisfied.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are our long-term partners and friends. They gave us their trust and we do our best to keep it by providing high-quality services. We are looking forward to any new partnership, and thus we strive that it becomes a long-term partnership.
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